Veg Burger
18.50 18.50 18.5 NZD
Spicy chickpeas, potato, coriander pattie (house made) served with beetroot relish, aioli, lettuce, tomato with fries
Chicken Burger
23.50 23.50 23.5 NZD
Memphis coated crispy chicken, plum sauce, garlic aioli, coleslaw in
sesame bun with truffle fries
19.50 19.50 19.5 NZD
Crispy Bacon, lettuce, tomato, chipotle, garlic aioli in Turkish bread and hand cut chips
Beef Burger
22.50 22.50 22.5 NZD
Unique blend of beef pattie, served with lettuce, pickle, tomato,
bacon, onion ring, BBQ sauce, garlic aioli in sesame bun, with fries
H&H Pasta
21.50 21.50 21.5 NZD
Tossed in rich creamy sauce loaded with chicken, spinach, mushrooms,
Parmesan cheese topped with mascarponebasil paste
Chicken Salad
23.00 23.00 23.0 NZD
Served with crispy noodles, fried shallots, red onion, candied cashew, toasted sesame seeds, mung bean sprouts, mesclun mix finished with house chilli caramel dressing
H&H Chowder
15.00 15.00 15.0 NZD
Served with bread roll and butter
Chicken Thigh
16.50 16.50 16.5 NZD
With a sweet and spicy coating served with cucumber sticks and house made Hot sauce
Seared Scallops
17.50 17.50 17.5 NZD
With carrot, ginger purée and daikon radish, crispy bacon and blue cheese crumb
Fish & Chips
23.00 23.00 23.0 NZD
Fresh fish from Takitimu Hawkes Bay Garage Project beer batter fish, green salad, hand cut chips
Smoked Salmon
21.00 21.00 21.0 NZD
Candied walnuts, whipped feta, blue cheese, red onion, cherry tomato, mung beans finish with house vinaigrette dressing
Lobster Risotto
25.00 25.00 25.0 NZD
Confit lobster and crab, served in a saffron & lemon base risotto
Baked Camembert
16.00 16.00 16.0 NZD
H&H relish, sourdough chips
Cauliflower Bites
15.50 15.50 15.5 NZD
Secret mix of spices and rubs served with garlic lime aioli (V)
Lamb Ribs
19.00 19.00 19.0 NZD
Pickled daikon radish, served with house made coleslaw